Gesture Capturing

Capturing user Gestures for comprehensive interaction tracking

Gesture Capture is a feature provided by Zipy that allows you to capture gestures within your React Native application. To enable this feature, wrap your application with the withGestureCapture wrapper.

Here's how you can do this in your index file:

  1. Import withGestureCapture in your index file.

import { withGestureCapture } from "zipy-react-native";
  1. Wrap withGestureCapture to your main app.

AppRegistry.registerComponent(appName, () => withGestureCapture(App));

Gesture Capture provides useful information, including:

  • The x and y coordinates of user clicks.

  • Detection of single taps, double taps, and long taps.

  • The component tree on which the user has clicked.

  • Identification of the clicked element type (e.g., view, text).

  • The specific text clicked by the user (e.g., "Get Started").

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