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Why is my Zipy SDK npm not getting updated and how do I resolve it?

If your Zipy SDK npm is not getting updated to the latest version every time you build your web app, it could most likely be due to the following reasons:

  1. Missing “^” icon for the zipyai npm dependency in your package.json file.

Please make sure that there is an “^” icon for the dependency. This will ensure that the latest version of npm is downloaded.

For example, the below snippet from package.json will ensure that the 1.X.Y version getting used is the latest version.

"dependencies": {
       ..other dependencies
       "zipyai": "^1.0.0"
  1. Uncommitted package-lock or yarn-lock file in your workspace.

For every new version of npm, also make sure that the package-lock or yarn-lock file is updated with the latest version and committed into your version control. This is required because the package-lock json file eventually determines which version of npm is downloaded on the npm/yarn install.

To understand more about package-lock.json, please take a look at the following short video:

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