Get Zipy session url for a user in DevRev.

Prerequisite: You should have a DevRev user identification setup on your site. For more information read:

1. Create a field in DevRev to hold Zipy session url.

In DevRev, go to Settings > Object customization > Contact through the settings icon on the top-left corner.

Enter the field name as Zipy Session Url. Select field type as Text. Then click on Save to draft.

2. Include Zipy session url in data body while calling the identify user API

Add Zipy session url in the data body while calling the identify user API. In the 'custom_fields' object inside 'user_traits' add a key-value pair with key as 'tnt__zipy_session_url' and its value as zipy session url.

const getCurrentZipySessionURL = async () => {
  return await new Promise(function(resolve, reject) {
      let i = 0;
      const _interval = setInterval(() => {
          let zipySessionUrl = (window)?.zipy?.getCurrentSessionURL();
              if(i >= 4){
                reject("Some problem occurred while loading zipy.");

.then(zipySessionUrl => {
// Call your identify API here with modified data body containing zipy session url.

/* Example data body with zipy session url */
         "rev_info": {
             "user_traits": {
                "email": "<end_user_email>",
                "custom_fields": {
                    "tnt__zipy_session_url": zipySessionUrl

.catch((e) => {

3. Pass the session token generated to the init method

You can get <your_unique_app_id> in Settings > Support > PLuG settings through the settings icon on the top-left corner.

You will get <SESSION_TOKEN> in the response after calling the identify user api.

  app_id: '<your_unique_app_id>',
  session_token: '<SESSION_TOKEN>' /* You will get this session 
  token in the response of identify user api.*/

After performing the above steps you will be able to see Zipy session url corresponding to a user in DevRev.

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