Auto Resolve Errors

Auto Resolve Errors in Zipy

Zipy can now auto-resolve the frontend errors and suggest how to fix errors in your code. Here's how you can try Zipy AI Resolve on your code. This is powered by ChatGPT.

Step 1 : Go to a Frontend Error Session

Step 2 : Click on DevTools

Step 3 : Select Stack Trace - if your files are minified then upload the source map. For this refer to documentation here -

Step 4 : Click on Zipy AI Resolve and viola you get the code fix suggestion.

Please note that Zipy AI Resolve is a paid feature and you can only try it 3 times in the free/trial plan.

Your code snippet of the stack trace will be shared with OpenAI and would only be done if you accept to share the code snippet.

If you do not want to share the code snippet with OpenAI, you are recommended to not use this feature.

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