Enhance Intercom support with Zipy session URLs for faster issue resolution and improved customer experience.


The following steps will help you integrate Zipy session url with Intercom. This will help your support teams to understand user problems within tickets with Zipy session url so they can see what the users were doing when they reported a given issue in Intercom. This will speed up time to resolution by your support team significantly without doing multiple back and forth with the customer. The same Zipy session url can be shared with development teams to report issues.

Step 1: Adding Zipy Session URL to Intercom User Profile.

To begin, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Intercom-enabled application.

  2. Add the following code snippet to your application:

const zipySessionUrl = window.zipy.getCurrentSessionURL();

Intercom('update', {
  zipy_session_url: zipySessionUrl,

By executing this code, the Zipy session URL will be associated with the corresponding user/lead profile in Intercom.

Step 2: Displaying Zipy Session URL in Intercom Conversations

Once the Zipy session URL is added to the user profile, it will appear in the 'USER DATA' or 'LEAD DATA' (if it's a lead) section during a conversation within Intercom.

By following these steps, you will successfully integrate Zipy with Intercom, providing you with valuable session information to enhance customer support and improve user experience.

Example Use Case

Sending Zipy Session URL to Intercom during a Chat Interaction.

  1. Ensure that both Intercom and Zipy are installed in your application.

  2. Implement the following code in your frontend application where Intercom Chat is enabled.

Intercom('onShow', async function() {
  const zipySessionUrl = await getCurrentZipySessionURL();

  Intercom('update', {
    zipy_session_url: zipySessionUrl,

In this scenario, when the user/lead opens the Intercom Chat, the Zipy session URL will be retrieved and sent to Intercom as one of the parameters. This session url can be accessed within Intercom visitor chat information as part of user/lead data.

For more information on Intercom('onShow'), please refer to this link.

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