Support Integration

How to include Zipy User Session links in the support tickets my customers create?

You can now capture and include a Zipy session URL in any ticket raised by your end users from inside your application where Zipy is integrated. It is as simple as calling a Javascript function getCurrentSessionURL. This function can be called from any page of the application where Zipy is active and will return the ongoing Zipy session URL of that user. On the form submission, when your users create tickets from inside your application, the same Zipy link can be sent to your support desk/chat client. This will enable your support team to access the Zipy sessions of the users, in the corresponding issues reported by them.

function() {
 const sessionUrl = zipy.getCurrentSessionURL();
 /* You can send this URL in an email/chat that is sent on form submission. */

Example Usage:

const handleLogin = (data) => {
    let sessionURL = (window).zipy.getCurrentSessionURL();

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