Boost Drift support with Zipy Session URL for targeted assistance.

Step 1: Configure Custom Attribute in Drift

First, create a custom attribute in Drift with the name "Zipy Session Url". This attribute will be used to store and display the Zipy session URL in the Drift conversations. Follow the instructions provided by Drift's documentation on how to create custom attributes and make sure to enable the "Show in conversation" option for the "Zipy Session Url" attribute. Save the changes.

For more information on creating custom attributes in Drift, you can visit this link: Link to Drift's Data Types documentation

Step 2: Add Code to Your Site

Next, add the following code snippet to your website. This code listens for the "message:sent" event in Drift and retrieves the Zipy session URL using the getCurrentSessionURL() function provided by the Zipy library. After a slight delay (1.5 seconds), the code sets the user attribute "Zipy Session URL" with the retrieved URL using the Drift API.

drift.on("message:sent", function(data) {
    const zipySessionUrl = window.zipy.getCurrentSessionURL();
      "Zipy Session URL": zipySessionUrl

Step 3: Verify Zipy Session URL in Drift Support Requests

After completing the above steps, whenever a user sends a message to Drift support, the Zipy session URL will be displayed in the conversation. This allows support agents to easily access the Zipy session URL and provide more targeted assistance to users.

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