Viewing All Errors for All Users

Error is a powerful way to view all your errors combined across users. There are two primary categories of errors that are captured by Zipy :

  1. Frontend Errors

  2. API Errors

By default the errors are sorted by latest error first. You can sort the errors by total sessions, count of all errors, OS, browser and time when it occurred.

Clicking on a given error will playback the latest session where the error occurred. The Zipy Error Session Player will show the following data

  1. The complete session playback

  2. Exact point on timeline where the error occurred

  3. Breadcrumbs will also show the exact error detail

  1. Dev Tools will contain the error information details. This could be stack trace, console errors, API errors and exception captured via Zipy logs.

  2. User environment details

  3. All user session where the given error was detected

The following actions can be taken inside an error session screen

  1. Share the session URL with your team members with exact timestamp

  2. Create a JIRA ticket with auto filled details

  3. Link a JIRA ticket with auto filled details

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