Enhance analytics by integrating Zipy with Amplitude.

To integrate Zipy with Amplitude and track user actions, follow these steps:

Step 1: Obtain the Zipy Session URL

To capture and share a link that represents a user's actions on Zipy, you need to retrieve the Zipy Session URL. Use the following code snippet to obtain the session URL:

const zipySessionUrl = window.zipy.getCurrentSessionURL();

Step 2: Log Zipy Event in Amplitude

To log the Zipy event in Amplitude, use the logEvent method provided by the Amplitude SDK. Pass the Zipy session URL as a property within the event payload, like this:

amplitude.getInstance().logEvent('zipy', {'sessionURL': zipySessionUrl });

The 'zipy' string represents the event name in Amplitude, which you can customize according to your requirements.

Step 3: Reviewing the Events in Amplitude

Once the integration is implemented, the logged Zipy events will appear within Amplitude's event stream for each user. You can analyze and track user actions in Amplitude's dashboard.

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