Error Classification

How are errors classified in Zipy?

In Zipy, everything revolves around errors. Once the user sessions and errors on your web app are captured, Zipy maps and clubs multiple user sessions with the same error into a single bucket. The dashboard showing all these error buckets in a tabular view is called the “Error Classification'' dashboard.

As of today, errors are classified into two categories: Frontend and Network errors. Read more about the errors supported here.

In Zipy’s Error Classification screen, your developers can see all the errors displayed by their type, description, count, no. of sessions where the error has been captured, latest occurrence timestamp, OS, and browsers where the error has occurred. Clicking any row would take you to the error context screen, which gives you access to all the user sessions where the respective error has occurred along with the user behavior and user environment details for the same, thus helping you debug better.

Following is a screenshot of “Error Classification” dashboard in Zipy:

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