Release Version

How can I capture the release version of my application for the captured user sessions?

You can capture the release version of your application using the zipy.init() method with options.

Initialise Zipy with your Project SDK key and begin recording the user sessions. The release version will be captured as part of this.

zipy.init(YOUR_PROJECT_SDK_KEY, options)

Following are the Method Parameters:




Your project SDK key


A JSON object which specifies optional parameters to initialize your recording with. (Optional)

The option to be used with this method is described below:

  • releaseVer - String

This specifies a release version for your project making it easier for you to identify which release version of your project was used when your session was recorded or your error was captured.

Example Usage:

zipy.init("YOUR_PROJECT_SDK_KEY", {
   releaseVer: "0.1.0"

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