Custom Events

Zipy provides a way for customers to attach custom events and properties to their user sessions via the logEvent function. These custom events help with enhancing insights on user journeys, highlighting important business events, and building custom analytics. The session data can also be filtered based on the custom events for focused analysis.

To log custom events based on any business logic, clicks or page visits, use the following method after initializing Zipy

window.zipy.logEvent('<custom event name>', {
    '<property_name>': '<property_value>',
    '<property_name>': '<property_value>',
    '<property_name>': '<property_value>'

Here is an example:

window.zipy.logEvent('Payment_successful', {
       plan: "enterprise",
       payment_mode: "card"
  • Custom events allow you to track specific user actions or behaviors that are unique to your application and business logic.

  • You can instrument events for actions such as button clicks, form submissions, page navigation, errors, or any other user interactions that are important for your analysis.

  • This enables you to visualize and analyze the entire user experience from start to finish and get to important segments in user journeys faster.

There are a few limitations to consider when specifying properties for Custom Events:

  • Event names and Property names are strings that should be under 250 characters

  • Maximum of 5 properties can be set per event.

Please reach out to support for any further questions.

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