Zipy Plug and Play Support

A chrome browser extension to record and replay sessions and errors

Zipy plug and play chrome extension allows you to record the sessions seamlessly across any websites. Recorded sessions can be replayed instantly. Along with the recorded sessions, you can see the details of the networks calls, console logs, stack traces and user environment details. Integrated with OpenAI platform, Zipy plug and play introduces AI Resolve feature, that suggests fixes for all the frontend and java script errors in your web application

Zipy plug and play is very useful for web development teams, where your customers can report their issues by recording and sharing their sessions with the support teams. Even QA, dog fooding, field testing, and other non-technical teams can easily record problematic sessions and share them with their engineering teams. No time gets wasted on issue reproduction or issue understanding. Engineering teams can use the Zipy AI Resolve feature to identify the right fixes quickly which in turn expedates the bug fix turn around time.

Getting Started

Install the Zipy plug and play from the chrome web store. Once installed, you can add the extension to your toolbar for quick access. You can read this guide to learn more about installing the extension.

Recording sessions

When you click the extension for the first time, the extension asks you to identify yourself with a google account. Once you identify with your google account, you are ready to record your sessions on any website. Open any website on your browser and record the session by clicking the extension. Upon clicking the extension, the chrome extension shows record the current tab button. Click this button to record the session of the current tab. When the session gets recorded, you will see a snack bar indicating the page being recorded

Recording can be stopped by clicking the red button on the snack bar and the recorded session opens automatically in another tab for you to view the recorded session.

In the recorded session, the left tab captures the breadcrumbs and user environment details. Devtools captures the console/network logs and stack traces. You can upload the sessions to zipy by clicking upload to zipy button. Clicking this button will ask you to sign up (new users) or sign in(existing users). Note that the recorded sessions will be accessible to you until the site and the tab in which you recorded are active. If you close the tab or if you visit some other website in that tab, the sessions are not accessible.

Uploading the sessions to Zipy

Uploading your sessions to Zipy will enable you to share these sessions to others. Uploading the sessions to Zipy allows you to store all the sessions recorded using the plugin, reporting the error sessions on Jira, uploading the source maps to get more precise suggestions for errors reported, inviting others to view these sessions, just to name a few.

Zipy AI Resolve

Zipy plug and play supports AI Resolve feature powered by OpenAI, that suggests fixes for all the frontend and java script errors in your web application. Note that to get a more precise suggestion of the fix, you need to provide the source map to Zipy. Accessing the source code would help Zipy AI Resolve feature to provide more accurate fixes. You can read this source map related documentation to understand on how to upload the source maps

Trouble shooting & Constraints

Zipy plug and play extension throws up the below message whenever the extension is reloaded or the page in which you are triggering a record is downloaded before the extension is installed. Reloading the page again will ensure that you can record the session

Zipy plug and play extension shall stop the session recording if you navigate from one domain into a different domain on the same tab. Refresh page and restart the recording

Zipy plug and play extension shall record the sessions for a maximum of 5 mins.

Zipy plug and play shall not record the videos present inside any website

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