Installing with Google Tag Manager

Installing Zipy with Google Tag Manager

You will need to integrate the Zipy SDK before you can start recording sessions and errors. Here are the steps for Integrating Zipy through GTM

Step 1. Go to Google Tag Manager

Step 2. Select or Create the account where you would like to Install Zipy

Step 3. Select Tags from the Workspace Menu

Step 4. Create a New Tag

Step 5. Select Tag Configuration

Step 6. Choose Custom HTML tag in Tag Type

Step 7. Open a new tab in browser and sign into Zipy app -

Step8. Go to Project Settings and copy the Script Tag

Step 9. Paste this Script Tag in Custom HTML in GTM

Step 10. Select Triggering from Tag Configuration

Step 11. Select All Pages from Triggers

Step 12. Save the Tag Configuration

Step 13. Click on Submit, you are almost there.

Step 14. Add the Version Name and Publish! You are all set.

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