Unleash the power of Zipy session URLs in Raygun for seamless error tracking and insightful debugging.

Add a Zipy session URL to every Raygun exception report.

The rg4js('withCustomData', {}) function in Raygun allows you to attach custom data to an error or performance report before it is sent to the Raygun service. The withCustomData function is one of several functions available in the Raygun JavaScript library that can be used to customize and control the data that is reported to the Raygun service.

The withCustomData function takes a single argument, which should be an object containing the custom data that you want to attach to the error or performance report. This data can be any valid JavaScript object or primitive, such as a string, number, or array.

const zipySessionUrl = window.zipy.getCurrentSessionURL();

try {
    throw new Error("Error Created for Raygun V2");
} catch (error) {
    rg4js('withCustomData', { zipy : zipySessionUrl });
    rg4js('send', error);

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