Zipy Labels Plugin (Beta)

Use Zipy Labels Plugin to mark critical buttons/clicks and understand user behaviour.

To download the Zipy Labels Plugin please connect with our support team via in app chat or write to us at Currently Zipy Labels Plugin is in beta. We will soon be releasing it for everyone.

Steps to install and use the Zipy Labels Plugin

Step 1.

Go to chrome://extensions in your chrome browser window and switch on Developer Mode.

Step 2.

Load the Zipy Plugin Label by using the Load Unpacked button.

Step 3.

The Zipy Plugin should now be uploaded and show up in the list of Plugins in your browser.

Step 4.

Start labelling by selecting Start Labelling and then Right Click to record.

In case you don't see the " Right click on any Button to label" , try refreshing the page and try using the Plugin again.

Step 5.

Mark and Add the Labels

Step 6.

Add the SDK key of your project and click on Save.

Step 7.

Once Labels are added they can now be searched in User Sessions in your Zipy app.

Please note the labels may be visible after 30 minutes after adding labels, as they are not applied immediately to incoming live sessions.

To summarise, use the Zipy Labels Plugin to label your app or website buttons. No need to add a click event in your code. Once the Labels are added, you can search them and do analysis on user behaviour for these buttons inside the Zipy application.

Make sure that

  1. You use your own project key to add the labels

  2. Wait for 30 minutes before searching for these labels in the Zipy app

Now analyse any button click for any user seamlessly inside Zipy, without having to add an event every time you release a new feature.

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