User Session Replay

Viewing User Journeys Via User Session Replays

User sessions is a powerful way to view all your user journeys through session replay. You can filter all user sessions by multiple parameters like time, user email, name, city, country, browser, OS etc.

By default the User Sessions are sorted by latest session first. You can sort the sessions by user data, session size and environment.

Live User Sessions can also be viewed as real time sessions are captured by Zipy.

Clicking on a given User Session will playback the complete session. The Zipy User Session Player will show the following data

  1. Complete Session Replay

  1. Timeline with Inactivity and Errors. Option to skip inactivity, fast forward and different playback speeds.

  1. Breadcrumbs of all User events, including click events, network data, console logs and errors.

  1. Dev Tools which will have console logs, network logs, stack traces and custom logs if any

  1. User Environment details like OS, browser version etc,

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