Install Zipy

How do I install Zipy in my React Native mobile application?

Steps to install Zipy

  1. Installing Zipy Module

npm install zipyai-react-native

Note: The package size is around 10 kB, and its unpacked size is 38 kB.

2. After installing the Zipy package, you also need to install the following package

npm install react-native-fs
  1. Import the Zipy module and initialize it in your index.js or another source file used as the entry point:

import zipy from 'zipyai-react-native';


Haven't set up an account or Zipy project yet? No worries! Just pop over to to get started.

Important: To get started with Zipy Mobile, contact us at or send us a message through the in-app chat support. We will enable mobile features for you.

Once you're all set, come back here to continue.

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